Recent Advances in the Functional Analysis and Treatment of Destructive Behavior

Dr. Wayne Fisher

Functional analysis (FA) is an individualized assessment designed to evaluate a person’s destructive behavior in relation to environmental events that may affect the future probability of that behavior.  It is designed to identify (a) the environmental contexts in which destructive behavior is likely and unlikely to occur; (b) the consequences that reinforce destructive behavior; and … Read more

Understanding Microaggressions: Implications for Using a Science of Behavior to Promote and Support Safe and Inclusive Environments

Dr. Denise Rios

Microaggressions are defined as daily verbal and non-verbal assaults directed toward people from historically marginalized and stigmatized groups. When compared with overt acts of racism, microaggressions can cause just as much, if not more, psychological damage. Individuals from historically marginalized groups experience microaggressions in the workplace at an alarming rate, with Black/African American women experiencing … Read more

Practice-Based Coaching: An Overview


This interactive session will provide an introduction to Practice-based Coaching (PBC) and how it can be used to support implementation of interactional and instructional practices that ensure children’s access to and participation in inclusive settings. The PBC framework will be presented and discussed and examples of PBC in action will be shared. 3 BACB Learning … Read more

Teaching Life Skills Using Essentials for Living and Small Group Instruction

Patrick McGreevy

Many teachers, curriculum coordinators, and behavior analysts are struggling with what to teach children with moderate-to-severe disabilities or limited skill repertoires, including many children with autism. In public schools, they are often instructed to adhere to the Common Core State Standards, while in private behavior analysis programs they are often offered only developmental curricula designed … Read more

BCBA 8-Hour Supervision Training

McGee & Garza

BCBA 8-Hour Supervision Training providing supervision must complete an 8-hr approved supervision training and supervision coursework However, the 8-hr training and supervision course alone may not be sufficient. Supervisors training people to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts typically serve in other professional roles outside of that of BCBA supervisor. These roles may effectively compete with … Read more

Michigan Autism Conference